We sincerely welcome You in our quiet hermitage just in the heart of Podlasie region.

We would like to share this lovely part of the world with you,

to indulge our guests with the taste of wonderful views and peaceful quiet around.

We would love to welcome you here, where the only noise is the magnificent sound of nature

and the nightly glow comes only from millions of stars hanging up there in the sky.

All you may find around are forests, plains, fields and a little river which owes its clear waters to the tireless beavers living along.


Want some rest from the civilization?       We welcome you to Golubowszczyzna.      Population: 11.

There are two separate wooden houses for exclusive rental, which guarantees privacy and complete freedom.

First house is a traditional Podlasie style house for max 6 persons and it is heated by tile stoves.

It consists of two bedrooms, dining room, a kitchen and a restroom with a shower.

The second one is a small wooden house for max 5 persons, heated by a fireplace. On ground floor there is a kitchenette

and a restroom, while on the first floor you find an open bedroom for 4 people.

Both of the houses are equipped with a fridge, a kettle, dishes and cutlery.


We speak English and German.


Sweet lazyness… while being surrounded by clattering storks, frogs, crickets and singing birds.

Ability to acquire the knowledge about animal breeding, plant cultivation, herbs gathering, preparing of pickles,

bread baking, cabbage pickling.

Possibility of participation in real country life.

Collecting of berries, mushrooms and herbs.

Hiking, Nordic walking, bicycling (our farm lies next to phenomenal bike road Green Velo)

Private fish ponds with the ability to fish within a distance of 10 km.

Swimming ponds within a distance of 14 km.

Available for guests: board games, toys, mini-trampoline, library and always nice - bonfire.

Our location

Our Region – recommended sightseeing

Grabarka – the place of orthodox religious cult – the mountain of miracles - the place of Force in Podlasie region.

Bialowieza - Museum of Nature and Forests. Famous and spectacular Bialowieski National Park.

Herbal Corner in Koryciny with a botanic garden.

Hajnowka – Museum of Belarussian culture.

Trail of orthodox shrines.

Tatar trail.

Trail of folklore handsmanship.

Orthodox hermitage in Ordynki.

Bug river valley, Mielnik, canoeing.


The price depends on number of guests in the house

 2 persons           200 zł  a day

3 persons           230 zł  a day

4 persons           260 zł  a day

5 persons           280 zł  a day

6 persons           300 zł  a day

On demand we offer you accommodation with alimentation - traditional Polish cuisine


Be our guest

Farm holidays

Gołubowszczyzna 3

17-332 Milejczyce


phone    +48 603 984242


Holidays on a farm

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